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Quinns Rocks is an area approximately 35 km's north of Perth. This seaside suburb takes it's name from the offshore reef first noted in 1867 by James Cowle. James Cowle was continuing a survey originally started by Robert Quin. Robert Quin had stopped his survey after reaching a spot 4 km south-east of the reef in 1866. This reef is thought to have been named after Robert Quin.

The first permanent residents appear to have been in 1942 but real development only started in 1959. Quinns Rocks extended northwards in the early 1960's and was declared a townsite under the Local Government Act on 27 July 1962.

For the last thirty-odd years the remains of the notorious ghost ship - the Alkimos, have been visible from Quinns Rocks. This ship was originally built in America during World War II.

The College

The Quinns Baptist College, a co-educational College, was established in 1996 to provide a high standard of education in the expanding northern coastal suburbs.

The Primary School caters for Kindergarten to Year 6, and the Secondary School offers Year 7 through to Year 12.

The Quinns Baptist College is associated with the Quinns Community Baptist Church and the Baptist Family of Churches of Western Australia, a community of 100 churches and 11 schools.

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